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SD4X 4 years ago
Penthouse Pet of the Year Taylor Vixen fucked by bull-dyke Lily Cade. Love this! Butch-femme is so beautiful!
JennyL 4 years ago
So much fun watching a hardened bull seduce a super pretty girl like Taylor
GGHHC 4 years ago
I think I prefer to see short-haired dykes with tats, piercings and all that bang Victoria Secret type dreamgirls as opposed to two ultra pretty girls fuck. The contrast makes it so beautiful.
TR4567 4 years ago
Bulldyke fucks one of my favorite Penthouse Pets ever and my jaw is on the ground. So amazing. WOW!
GGHHC1 4 years ago
I used to watch the glossy Vivid lesbian porn, and still love that, but once I saw a butch on top of one of my favorite pornstars, Racquel Darrian, I knew I was hooked. Butch femme is so hot!
Quentin Parhiala 4 years ago
Lily Cade and Taylor vixen are hot
Robert E Lee 3 years ago
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1 year ago
Watching Lily unbutton her 501’s reminds me of what my fiancé does!
2 years ago
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Robert E Lee 3 years ago
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